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Sculpture by Nicholas A. Price
"The forms in nature are the foundations of my sculpture.
Natural materials contribute towards the life and soul of my work.
The hardwoods used are not from trees felled from a protected
rain forest but are American tree woods acquired as a result of
natural causes such as weather or retirement.
I use naturally derived treatments after sculpting the wood such
as plant oils and waxes to finish and preserve the woods. I
endeavor to retain as much of the naturally occurring colors and
hues as possible.
Each piece has an array of facets which will provide the onlooker
with numerous shapes and puzzles which vary with lighting and
Every sculpture I create is different, there are no copies or
editions, and each is a guaranteed original.
Our numerous attempts at civilization throughout the long history
of humankind have been underpinned by these materials, even
today forming the basis of many necessities, increasingly the
more exotic variants are difficult to find.
I attempt to locate the most interesting material available often
traveling to great lengths to find something special. Examples
include a camphor tree with incredible fragrance, one with a ten
foot diameter trunk, age old curly cherry, often showing the most
fragile of patterns, marvelous pieces of old white oak telling
stories of a previous life and aromatic southern cedar with hidden
palettes beneath its gray bark."

- Nicholas Price
Side Note:

Nicholas Price has been commissioned by, and has collaborated with, many prestigious entities over the span of his artistic career, including Fortune 500 Companies. His work has been featured in numerous media outlets including The Boston Globe, L.A. Times, USA Today - Life, Unique Homes Magazine, National News, and KNPR- National Radio.

Commissions include major public art sculptures and several private collectors.

Notably, some of his works in other mediums were recently acquired by one of the world's most prestigious institutions - the United States Library of Congress.

Nicholas Price's collections have been published in several different books; his work exhibited at key events and respected institutions throughout America including the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum, The Springs Preserve, National Museum of the US Air Force, Library of Congress, Lloyd D. George Federal Building, International House of Blues,and  Neiman Marcus.
His work is collected in more than 35 countries.

Noted Sculptures and Commissions
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